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  1. BA BA SNAIR!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DUDE!!! May you have a great day homie!! *Hands him his honorary JBW Birthday Championship* Wear it with pride!!
  2. Whoo hoo! I'll be sure to read in a minutes bud.
  3. Package is sent to the house of jabe.
  4. Sorry for the delay with promo stuff #alwayswithanexcuse #brokeninternetmodem
  5. College will definitely suck the life out of you haha. But the little baby dude is doing great! He, my wife and oldest son all got me sick though. Jerks.
  6. Doing alright,college is taking a toll though on me.Btw how's the baby boy?
  7. I'm great, man. You guys don't miss me THAT much though. All that new blood that came in is taking over and when KINGDOM COME hits, their talents will truly shine. How are you doing though, man?
  8. Hey bro, how are ya? We miss you in JBW.
  9. Thanks!!!!!
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