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  1. ^____^ Liking you already monsieur villain! xD Loving the Avatar and profile pic btw Villans rule, so much more interesting than hero's! Im about to go and head out shopping for some xmas presents, but ive been stuck in side ill lately so im just glad of the break. Its official, Im not liking CM punks new shirts >_< lol! I hope your having a villainous day ^__^ Dont do anything i wouldnt do (that wouldnt give you many options xD)
  2. Good chickie. I'm about to be done work soon and am getting ready to go snatch the CM Punk Blu-Ray in less than thirty minutes. Also, excited that "Death Of The Family" is starting up within the next couple weeks. Other than that chillin like a villain lol. You?
  3. LOL! Your message made me laugh. Thank you. Yup, Comic's, Computer games and wrestling Yup a women also xD

    Every one seems really nice and im married so I dont have to worry How are you today?
  4. You like comics, wrestling, have HQ as your profile pic and are a woman? Welcome to the land of raging boners from nerds here. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about that from everyone. Specifically, not me. I can't speak for those down there though....
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