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  1. You haven't been on in over three months. This is poop on a stick dude. Hope everything is awesomesauce with ya' and hopefully you get back soon. Be good man. Later.
  2. N/P at all dude. You down for recieving a PM from me? Gonna be on for a minute to chat about something?
  3. Yeah dude, I'm alive lol. Thanks for asking.

    It's been beyond hectic but I'm puling through. What little free time I've been able to muster has been devoted to writing the shows, and unfortunately that's kept me away from fuckin chattin it up wit you guys.

    It sucks but I gotta prioritize.
  4. You live??? WTF?
  5. Clear some space bro, trying to send a reply.
  6. I think you should go to the JBW thread, we're about to hit 2,000!
  7. Sorry bro, Kash and Roman have been hitting me up and I hadn't realized it got filled up again so quickly. All should be well now.
  8. Sorry to ask man, but could you clear just a little more space again lol. I know you sent me the last message, but I'd like to respond to it. Did you check your sent items folder to clear a little more space? I know this 100 message limit is annoying, and being in JBW gets your inbox filled up quick lol. Anyway yeah you're filled up again, so anytime your ready buddy I have your response.
  9. Sorry dude, never had that issue before. Clearing now lol.
  10. Hey bro, do you mind clearing some space in your inbox so I can send you a response PM?
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