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  1. I've been through hell. I'm back. I owe explanations to everyone, and you'll get them. Promise.
  2. Hey bud, haven't seen you around lately!?
  3. It's all good on my end bud.
  4. I actually didn't know I had a promo until I logged on to post the surprise PPV. So ummm... yeah. I hope things don't get hindered on it. I'm in the middle of making dinner right now, and should be able to bang something out during WWE's PPV in a few hours. I apologize about it but, I haven't been on my dude.
  5. Hey bud, how is it going on the promo?
  6. So I actually wrote a blog... Want to accept it?
  7. For IWA? Yes I got it.
  8. Just making sure, you got my beginning portion right?
  9. The delay reaction made it even better haha!
  10. Six days later... and I just saw the bunny lol. I clicked on the VM at work last week but, the image was blocked. I just got another VM and saw it finally lmao!
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