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  1. Hey man are you doing the Summer Slam Prediction Contest? If so let me know and when cuz I wasn't able to enter the last one cuz I for some reason never seen a thread on it dunno why.
  2. Yea I know I hope he does this as well. I also seen that you had an ongoing tally as to how everyone has been doing since the beginning of this all, so maybe after he posts all the points you could somehow add them to your tally since you were already doing it, that is if you can or have time to. I liked the way you did the prediction threads better tho so I hope you are able to do the next one. Hope all is well man take care, peace
  3. I hope he counts the points of everybody, if else there's no point in putting up the question form if you're not going to count the scores.
  4. lol no problem man, I just seen you had done the other so I figured I would run it past ya. Someone already had one done up and ready but waited a bit to post so all is well. Take care buddy, peace
  5. I wanted to post one after the SD! show, to not give away spoilers, but somebody beat me to it.
  6. Hey man are you gonna do a prediction thread for this weekend's upcoming wwe ppv? Just curious and thanks.
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