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  1. I don't know to both questions

    I'll get Grind to link you to the mansion, and we'll decide there what to do with Proph.

    You need to throw down some ideas in that place!
  2. Great work, my man!

    I'm gonna add a Silent Bob expression into the first one.

    Shows going to be posted Saturday night/Suday morning
  3. Maybe we could do a six man tag with J&SB and BS Vs Pauley, Marie and the referee (I have his name, but, lol, I've forgot it right now... I'll get it to you in the morning )

    At the PPV J&SB become BM&C if you know what I mean

    As soon as my inbox is cleared, I'll get back to ya.
  4. Sure no prob Kashman.

    So the BS and Pauley match, is it one on one or any stipulations to it?
  5. Bro, I need you to liase with JHorton, SG and JMan about this weeks WARFare.

    JMan has all the details as to what the plan is.

    Also, I need a promo from BS and J&SB, and one from Pauley (to promote their match at Expect The Unexpected)

    I'm doing this via VM, because my inbox is WAAAY full right now.
  6. Instead of linking a video for the theme songs, we just do a link.

    There, thats about as brutal as it's gonna get

    I have hours of work ahead of me, and I'm hoping it'll be up before daylight, but I doubt it lol.
  7. Haha!! Well done, bro!!

    Top fucking marks! Um, I'm gonna have a little look for the ref myself... It's there somewhere lol.

    Now, as you can ee, my inbox is way full, and I really need to get all these promo's out of there and onto the show thread. It's gonna take HOURS, but when it's done, you'll see what al the fuss has been about with this SUPERSHOW!!

    Thanks again, bruv.
  8. Ok man, ignore the 1st one I sent you, the second one is more "complete"...

    Oh and be brutally honest haha
  9. Empty your inbox bro, gots me a deposit to drop off lol
  10. Can you do what I asked?

    I really hope so

    PS: Just do your best... It's your first "assignment" so no one is expecting miracles.

    I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't think you were more than capable!
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