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  1. I got the PM bro. My part will be done & sent on tomorrow.
  2. Hey I'm sending this message out to everyone who I gave promo assignments to, as it came to my attention that some the PMs might not have gotten to people. Not sure if it is because of the change in the server, or what, but I'm just double checking you got the promo assignment that is due for Wed. Please let me know either way
  3. Hey just checking on if you are going to have that interview done by today bro!
  4. Thanks for the promo spanky
  5. Waiting on Rehmix to send it to me so I can add my part.
  6. Hey how goes the promo with CM rock and Rehmix?
  7. hey, I know ICW is done, but I posted the final show ever for ICW, Glory Days. Go check it out and leave a comment in the show thread telling me what you think. There is alot to read. Before the show, the show, and after the actual show
  8. No prob. I try my best dude!
  9. Hey thank you for getting me your promo back so quickly bro!
  10. Thanks bud, I'm about to send you a promo request
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