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  1. No problem! Let me know what you think when you read a few.
  2. I just found a really good friend that would help me get the comics. Thanks for the reccomendation!!! ^-^
  3. I don't think so. If you go to the Image comics site (Walking Dead's publisher) they will charge you. You might find a way through the AMC Walking Dead website, the have been pushing the book pretty hard. As you know, some of the hoops will burn you, but if you find a way, start from issue 1 and go forward. If I find out a way I'll let you know though.
  4. I sent this to myself by accident:

    Is there a way to read the comics online without having to jump through flaming hoops?
  5. Hopefully the show won't take too long. I know they are doing 12 episodes instead of 6 for the second season. But i absolutely recommend the comic 100%. It makes the show even better.
  6. lol.. Now you have me wanting to see it even more than I did before. I guess I will have to wait an see then.
  7. More characters will be introduced, but you will become attached to them as well as whatever main characters are still around. No one is truly safe. As far as Carl or Lori dying, you will have to wait and see...
  8. You didn't spoilt it for me. There were still ALOT of main characters left. lol I am guessing that the Dad loses his wife or kid?
  9. Yeah that was it. I think it was the Center for Disease Control. It wasn't in the book but was still a great episode. Merle and his brother aren't in the book but they are good characters, even though Merle is slime. The show really captures the cliffhanger element of the book and keeps you guessing who will stay alive. Not to ruin it but A LOT of main characters die. Horribly.
  10. Wasn't the last episode where they were trapped inside of that Scientist guy's laboratory? That one actually had me on the edge of my seat because I was unsure if my favorite characters (Merles little brother an the chinese guy) were going to make it out of there. I was happy when I saw that they did though. I think one of the women stayed behind an got blown to ashes.
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