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  1. I'll send you a PM when I've read the latest shows mate.
  2. Its all good bro I understand that you cant review it but I would always like some advice and even what you would do
  3. Yeah I do mate, I'm currently writing a PPV for HWA though, so I can't read the latest shows yet.
  4. Hey bro just wondering do you read my thread?
  5. Thanks for the FR bro!
  6. thanks man
  7. Fair enough mate, I'll check it out when it's ready

    And just ask on the thread.

    Just post 'can a mod delete this please?'

    And they should do it
  8. Hey Man I am going to be restarting my thread

    If you could still do reviews of my shows that would be awesome

    PS do you know how to delete a whole thread?
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