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  1. Nah I don't got Facebook , wat u wanna show me Brotha I look it up
  2. Man do you got a got dang Facebook? I been gettin ' up just like the newspaper and been meaning to show you but this shit won't let me on my phone.
  3. IC as Reiko: oh take it how I said it, the very Best has Ric Flair as his manager. For all I know sasha can become the Best at something else lol. *ric flair struts*wooooooooooo*
  4. I'm REALLY tempted to go ultra heel on Reiko in EWNCW, seeing how he said "The best has Ric Flair as his manager."...that's not Sasha Panzer's name! ;P
  5. Out of this world...Since a while now lol
  6. So Far ,I'm a lil zooted..I'm not gettin Total Wasted ,but ima Reach the sky Tonight.

    On your side ,wats da effects? Lol
  7. Phew what a Friday night....Idk about you...But man...
  8. Wats Gucci My Niggin!

    Eythang is aight ova here, still got a turkey leg to Devour..I been good, how u and how was Turkey Day?

    Plus I Told u about Ano Doom..Your a Popular Figure. I just keep thinkin imagine where u would've been if u neva woulda left in ur First Run
  9. hello.Hows it going ? Ano Doom is alive and taking off out there for sure.
  10. I felt dat woodie joint, I'm bumpin music too so I had it bumpin..I don't know how to link shit off of youtube . So just youtube Vado-We outchea.. dats wat I got on da speakers as I write dis chea
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