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  1. Hey, I posted something in the IWA thread, for those who most likely won't have a match for DFI. I'm repost it on everyone's walls so I know everyone has seen it.

    Now, to bring in the next point. Within the next 2 chaos's, all of the matches for destined for immortality will have been announced and official. If you don't have a match, or are not embroyled in a feud right now, will be showcased in a pre show battle royal. I will determine the winner of this battle royal, based on ICing. So even if you don't have a feud...IC IC IC IC IC!!!
  2. Hey your promo for IWA, have you started it yet? I know you still have 11 days to do it, but Im getting on everyone because I don't want a single promo late. Let me know, and if you have got your part off, kudos, if not, please do so asap!
  3. I wrote a quick bio on the roster thread , I add to it later

    I've been on mobile and it doesn't seem to wanna write on that thread
  4. Can you try to repost your bio buddy?
  5. Hey how goes the promo buddy?
  6. I tried to post my bio up , I don't know wtf is da problem..ima try again later or tomorrow

    I hate when I write something and then it all goes to hell
  7. Hey next time ur on buddy, can you post your bio in the IWA roster thread? Please and thanks!
  8. hey, I know ICW is done, but I posted the final show ever for ICW, Glory Days. Go check it out and leave a comment in the show thread telling me what you think. There is alot to read. Before the show, the show, and after the actual show
  9. You should think about bringing Mark Dimension to ICW. I like the character
  10. Ok. Well if he isn't able to get you his part, do you think you could write it for him and get it to me by 4 pm tomorrow, 4 pm like PA, NY, OH time?
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