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  1. I got your PM mate- I'll get back to you in a moment!
  2. Everything Good on my side,I talk to him like a regular dude Not with Fear like my punkass Co-workers Do... and he hasn't got outta pocket, he's actually friendly wit me now lmao...

    I know its been awhile since we talked , for now I'm just tryin to make extra money to then get back on my regular daily schedule and enjoy my efeds

    How's everything on your side brudaman
  3. Haha no worries bruv. How shit going with you and your boss fam? Haven't spoke in a while!
  4. Thanks bro - I didn't get a chance to proof read ahead of time , there's minor parts like a part where I said Are instead of IS ..I think, my bad for it..I'm at work ducking from my boss lmao
  5. Awesome shit mate.
  6. Aight man. No worries.
  7. I shot u wit a pm, ima send it in da mornin bro
  8. Any update on that promo fam?
  9. Cheers bruv!
  10. **Chunkky Enter's The Club shaz is @ **

    Ayo Shaz Even More Bottles on Me!!!
    *gives shaz a pund*
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