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  1. Thing keeps screwing the spacing. give me an email address and I'll just email you the whole thing at once, would take 5 messages this way anyway. either PM me with it or just email my gmail account (same name as here, just
  2. Should have it to you after work tonight (it's on my main PC, which has no outside internet while I am working)
  3. Hey how goes you and Des's promo?
  4. So what is the word on your promo with Slick chief?
  5. ok? haha. i was like "what the hell is ash talking about". So im going to see The Dark KNight Rises and the new Spiderman tomorrow
  6. Sorry, my system had an error where it reported stuff from a month ago as being today
  7. Huh?.......
  8. You will be in Tommy's Office, with everyone else
  9. That is originally why I had my boss switch me to weekends, but sometimes it sucks big ones haha
  10. Actually, I rather like it. It's a lot better to work here on the grave shift, much less morons.
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