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  1. On for a bit, figured may as well, it's the only one I have left to do.
  2. Ha I was just about to PM you about that promo
  3. Haha nice promo bro! I read it as you sent it to me! I look forward to the other one!
  4. Should have both in late tonight.
  5. Hey how goes the promo with K2? And the second individual one?
  6. Just been a lot of different shit cropping up around home, combined with Mandatory OT at work, making it hard to get time for anything else.
  7. It ain't going to be late bro The 4 of you have till next week to finish it, i was just wondering what the status was If ya need to chat on whatever is up, i'm a PM away bro!
  8. Sorry, my end is done, it took way too long due to repeated issues that I do not wish to discuss here, but the short of it is that if it is late, blame me.
  9. Bro????????
  10. Hey how goes the group bombshell promo?
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