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  1. Ok. No worries
  2. I did. probably won't be possible as I am working 60 hours per week until January
  3. I tried using the did you get that thing image of the hippo but I'm on my phone and it won't let me copy and paste......... So....... Did you get that thing I sent you?
  4. One of my posts needs moderated. My most recent one in the post whore thread

    That is another thread I noticed having issues
  6. :/ ok, the one I know of off the bat, is the WWE Word Association thread. So how has life been treating you? Congrats on being upped to a mod by the way
  7. For you, it probably would make things worse, since it was your profile at the heart of the issue.
    If you come across such a thread, let me or whatever mod is on know, and we'll take care of it.
  8. So if I come across a thread that seems to be still affected from my being put on and then taken off of the global ignore list, posting in there multiple times should eventually fix it?
  9. Hey did you get my PM?
  10. You've been sigged!
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