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  1. Hey man, can you approve my post in the EWNCW thread please? Thanks.
  2. Hey man, could you please approve my new thread in the BTB section? Cheers mate.
  3. Happy Birthday bruv! Hope you have a mad one.
  4. Yo, Asher. When do you think you'll have the promo to me, mate?
  5. Dude, on my laptop yeah. I get something called "Windows Error Recovery", and I get two options. One option is start windows normally, whereas the other is fix the problem. If I start it normally, it goes back to the WER, and if I fix it- it freezes on a blue screen. I've tried doing safe mode, and all the other options when you press F8, but they still dot work. Do you ave any iidea on how to fix this?
  6. You didn't mess anything up man, Bear put your promo after the Vanity championship, so the continuity was off when you were talking about it is all
  7. Hey man, could you PM me the line I messed up on? Cheers.
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