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  1. Thanks mate. I think I'm fine now. I just couldn't think of ANYTHING! That's never happened before with me, but I drew a complete and utter blank... Should be okay now though

  2. Sure
    Well, you have my part already, so there is that. I would start by having them say that once again they cam out on top, even with having to face 2 teams and having Vivica interfere, that will naturally progress into them essentially saying that she got what she got for interfering, and maybe that will teach her to stay out of business that has nothing to do with her or something like that.
  3. Basically, I've drawn a complete blank as to what to talk about for our promo. I've got absolutely nothing... And I thought, as the person I'm doing the feud with, you'd probably be the best person to ask for a wee bit of help. Do you have any ideas, I probably just need a starting point and then I'll roll with it

    Thanks in advance
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