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  1. pm me the picture that didn't work, I'll fix it and edit it in for that guy's debut
  2. Awesome dude
  3. Got your ideas, and they sound good. I'm on board
  4. Yeah I get what you mean- showing a different side to a character, or characters in this case, is always fun to write.
  5. I really liked getting to make them human. Black Blooded have been not just heels, but asshole heels, since their debut
    not saying I want to take them face, but it was fun to show they had a less asshole side.
  6. So did I haha. It was a quality piece of writing from you.
  7. I forgot all about that, lol
  8. Was just on the old and look what I found!

  9. Dude- what's the status on your Havoc promo with AB?
  10. Okay bro, send me what you have and I'll work around it
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