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  1. no problem
  2. Thanks man, really appreciate it.
  3. It's cool
    I've got the mod panel open, so if the posts get flagged, just keep posting the rest. I'll make sure that they get approved.
  4. Sorry to be the thorn in your ass, but approval is needed. I think EWN has it out for RTE
  5. First closed thread? How's the power feel? Lol
  6. Happy birthday bro, go out and celebrate Black Blooded style
  7. DId Shaz ever send his promo to you?
  8. Ok cool. I leave for work in about 3 and half hours. So, lets hope we can post before then
  9. Saw that, sorry, posted an update in the thread.
  10. What's up? No rush, but the guys are pretty restless lol
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