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  1. its funny- i am house sitting for six weeks while a couple has gone to alaska and they have 15 cats. Its funny watching the kittens play- along with the adult ones. I thought it looked like they wrestlked- and looked for a pix online finding this one
  2. I have had a really shitty day at work, and that cheered me right up, thanks
  3. mucho gracias und danke
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  5. Happy belated bday
  6. looked at it and its great, also commented on one thing lol. But glad it worked. Didn't realize I'd be able to change settings there- but glad it worked
  7. Tried and it works now! Thanks!!
    Posted the match I just finished, take a look.
  8. hey asher- try osting a video and link in Jabe HQ now- I changed you from a user to an admin- I think thats what R(ob) did so we could post. Also- great BB bit, will add my part after WF gets me his part
  9. alrighty- its finished and sent off to SEZ....and you(by mistake lol)
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