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  1. Oh no! Dont say his name, ive heard he senses this, and then appears to spew his posts all over the WWE board!! Yeh, i just ignored that, i said all i needed to say in thread! Lets not talk about him though.

    Aye, keep the heid, i kin fit yer on aboot, needs to hid his wheesht, and get tae ...!

    Yeh you too min. See you on the boards brah.
  2. I see from your visitor message page Scottland tried to start crap with you. I really think that dude has some serious issues. Maybe he just needs to get laid. He needs to Keep the heid!
    Anyways glad to add you as a friend.
  3. Haha, good health to you too my man! I didnt actually know what that meant so had to Google it lol. I dont really add folk, but i had to be mates with IPITS! The force of righteousness against he who shall not be named!!

    Alba gu bràth! (the country, not.....)
  4. slàinte mhath
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