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  1. A B52 has baileys, corvoisier, and Tia Maria (I think), and they all sit on top of each other in layers. Brilliant. A B55 is when you replace the top layer (The Tia Maria I think) with Absinthe. Magic!

    Foleys books
    Jericho's first
    One about Benoit (it's the best of it's kind but I've forgot the name of it... Ring of Death or something like that)
    Sex, Lies and headlocks
    The Rise and Fall of WCW
    The rise and Fall of ECW
    Ric Flair
    Hulk Hogan
    Dynamite Kid
    Shawn Michaels

    Dynamites was the best and most honest, but The Rise and Fall of WCW, was pretty decent and true.
  2. I knew it was Fin Martin because I used to listen to the PS hotline every week from work (until I got caught and got a £80 bill from my boss.) he was cool, but a little bit uninterested in helping me out.

    "have you got issue 56?"






    Lol, you get the idea. He is still a god to me, though. Proper no nonsense guy who is very clued up on the business. I'd take half a Fin over ten Bill "KaytotheFabe" Apters. Oliver Hurley is another great writer/reviewer who's opinion means a lot to me. Mo Chatra is someone I have spoken to at a WWE wrestling event at Wembley Arena about 6 years ago.

    My dream question was "What wrestler has worked for the most territories/promotions?" (gotta be Terry Funk or Jerry "I'm still fucking going" Lawler, right?)

    I think PS is made in England, if you didn't know. You did, though, right?
  3. PowerSlam has guided me through the years on almost every single aspect of my wrestling viewing over the past twelve years. It's where I became fascinated and accustomed to Japanese wrestling, but also WOW helped me get on the right path when it came to Indy wrestling. I have been lucky enough to have a tape/DVD trader this whole time as well, and have amassed a library to be jealous of.
    The way I see it, the industry died when WCW died. I am NOT a lover of the developmental system, and apart from the 2000 class of OVW, I have refused to even check up on these cookie cutter wrestlers that won't be in the PS top 50 in ten years let alone today. I used to love reading about guys like Malenko, Eddie, and others vast histories when they arrived in VinnieLand after years of working in Japan/WCW/ECW. Now the only time I get excited about new signees if they are indy talents who I have been following for the past ten years or so.
  4. You spoke to Fin MArtin, the main guy, the head honcho? Haha. What was he like? Seem like a decnt bloke? Did you ever write in to any of the two mail bits? I always wanted too, to the question bit, and always tried to think up good questions to ask in a dream that they'd go: "man, he knows his stuff, he's got it!" Lol, and send me to America to work for them hahaha. Hey, I was only young, hah

    You know I'm sorry to admit this, but, I've never read a wrestling book. My uncle has the Foley books, and the Bret Hart one, but I have never reaad them. Soweee *slaps wrists*. What ones have you read KD, and were they good, ones you'd reccomend?
  5. I think my first was in '99 aswell, maybe late '98, but i can't recall the issue, and I've been reading ever since. Those list's are great, and the annual reader awards. I remember when the top 50 were pretty much dominated by WWF/e/WCW/ECW guys, and like recently it has dwindled greatly, I'd say it's more Japanese/Indy guys. It just shows you the level of star WWE has nowadays, they can't make 'em. I bet if someone did a study on PS Top 50 lists, and compiled them altogether and looked at it yearly, it would show some characteristic of the business over the years. (Struggling to put what I actually mean, do you kinda know what I mean? lol). I also sometimes wish I could palm a PS mag in the faces of alot of the people on here and say: "here read this!!" It would help themselves, and everyone else out vastly!! Or post some quotes here and there, but it would typing it all out, lol [lazy bastard], haha!
  6. Yeh that brawl thing was something a read about a while back, don't know too much about it. Diaz was at the centre, but there was quite a few different guys involved in that, I think someone or two got bans, or something - unsure. FUCK ME about the 1.5 mil! For one fight! Win or lose? Man! I'm definitely gonna try and get some Diaz fights watched before his big UFC debut.

    I agree with everything you're saying on your predictions, except I've never really been a fan of Penn, and obviously except where mines a different lol, but I agree with what you said about it - like Mirko, Matt, Henderson is believable he's some good victories last 2 years.

    That's what I've heard about "MAYHEM" Miller as well. Yip c'mon the BIS!!!

    Aahhh Ernie Santilli! Right, I see. Always baffled me. I thought they'd got rid of his risque pieces, haha. And I just read Santilli's latest column in the issue with Del Rio on the front as well, weird!
  7. B52, B55, what are they man? Sound exciting, lol. I pretty much shot anything, mainly the standard stuff: Sambucca, Tequila, Aftershocks, anything lol. I do remember having one called a Blowjob once. I think it was Baileys, something else, with that skooshy cream on top; not bad, but fuckin sickly.

    Musta been great seeing the fights up close! You have good seats? Blood splats in your lap lol. Man that just makes it sound so barbaric! *I apologise UFC*

    To be honest though, I don't really mind who wins most of the time, unless it's a guy who I really like, like GSP, Guida, Silva, Aldo, few more, and some of the TUF guys - I like to see how they do, and hope they do well; it's like they're graduating, so I like to see them do well. And also, i really struggle about picking guys, lol, alot of is just a punt, and a bit of fun, to get a bit more into the fight.
  8. Also, Stately now goes under the name of Ernie Santilli. He has exactly the same page, just now it's called Snips, Quips and Flips.
  9. Miller is meant to be some sort of beast. Shame on me too, as I've never seen him fight, but am completely aware of his legendary "wild man" character lolol!! Bisping to kill this dude, or he retires forever!

    And, yeah man.. PS mags fTw. The first one I ever read was in 1999, and it was the year end top 50 wrestlers in the world thing which was won by benoit. Hooked ever since. I even bought old ones. I phoned them, and spoke to Fin Martin, which shocked me, and asked if certain issues were available and he told if they were or weren't.
    WOW was a great mag (PS is the best wrestling mag ever), and I read that before I read PS. Lol, there was always a hot chick in that magazine. It's scary to think how "edgy" wrestling used to be compared to these days. No way they could get away with half the shit they could then.

    Wrestling books?
  10. Kasheester, forgot to put this bit in lol. Man that's near 900 words. <<Gets carried away.

    My bad KD, I didn’t go that far in the calendar. Brock and Overeem are scheduled to fight at UFC 141 on 20th December. That’ll be an affair, to say the least. Again though, I don’t think I’ve seen Overeem fight, could be wrong. I’m shit in that I pretty much only catch UFC, but I have seen some WEC though. I think Brock for this one though, again just bias and sticking with the ex-pro wrestler, feel like he’s one of us, lol, I dunno.

    Stately here: He's not been on for a while. Don't thin he's been on alot, but still. lol

    Anyway mee auld mucker, I gotta get some sleep. I pinky promise I'll reply to ya later on today/night/morning.

    Stay safe Money(squared)
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