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  1. DARCE CHOKE! DARCE CHOKE! DARCE CHOKE! DARCE CHOKE! DARCE CHOKE! DARCE CHOKE!!! SOMEONE WON WITH A DARCE! Dustin Poirier locked it in for thw win over Pablo Garza! hahaha
  2. Hahahaha. Well let's hope that Cain's not 100 percent then, for a good fight, lol.

    I know what you mean about the Tyson thing. I think Chael Sonnen said, in that MMA live thing with Todd Grisham, that Cain is "the most intimidating force ever in heavyweight combat, including Tyson, Holyfield, Foreman etc". So I can see it.

    I think I just want JDS to prove that opinion wrong though.
  3. As long as he has fully recovered.... Cain will eat Junior's heart and shit it out on his chest.

    If he's not a hundred percent, I'll say it'll be a good fight, but Cain will win.

    Cain's KO power>Juniors boxing skills.

    I could be wrong, but Cain is like a Mexican Mike Tyson meets Kurt Angle... I'm a big fan.
  4. Well, technically everyone is losing out lol. It's like Fox or UFC wanted to put something big on, for free, but didn't want to put it all on. I've been watching the fights online, so I guess I've not lost out, some good fighting, some so-so.

    Ehhhhhh....? I dunno!? Lol, I can never pick fights haha. I think Cain could out brute strength Junior, but Junior could box him all over the rounds. I think I'd like to see Junior win, and I think I'll pick him. Yourself?
  5. OK, so we're not losing out then? That's good to know.

    Who ya' got?

    'quez or 'tos?
  6. It's because the whole thing about UFC on Fox is them pushing the big Heavyweight Fight. Fox is only showing the Cain v JDS fight on tv, that's the 1hour programme, and so I guess that's what it is all over the world?

    The rest of the fights are on UFC's Facebook or; including Clay Guida v Ben Henderson, I think. Although, I'd think they'd probably show some fights on the 1hour show, surely? Especially if the Title fight only goes like 1, 2 rounds?
  7. Right... Channel 433's listings say that UFC is on for an hour.

    Like, that's not right, is it?

    Pissed if it is.
  8. Hahaha, yeh I knew it was a UK based mag, but I meant they could send me to the U.S. to be their PS representative over there, lol. Their roving reporter working predominantly for them only, lol. Although in the most recent issue with HHH on the front it said something like - "we are not looking for any new staff; don't offer internships; or work experience", lol shot me down didn't they.

    Hmmm, I might have to borrow my uncle's Foley books, and then maybe look into getting Jericho's, the WCW one, and maybe Regal's then. I think to start off they would be what I would be interested in first off. Cheers for the info though Kash.

    I've not had a chance to watch Joe's comedy yet bro. I've not even been on here much in the last 2 weeks, been a busy time in the real world at the mo, lol. I will watch them though. Pinky promise. Haha.

    Anyway, let's get some fighting down our eyeballs eh? HERRRRREEEEE WEEEEEE GOOOOOO!
  9. Hey Kashy baby! UFC 137 tonight brah! Was a good card last time we discussed it, no GSP - Condit though, but your man Diaz is top fight now, you here brah?? I'm lookin forward to see him, and Big Country haha.

    Just realised I never replied to ya last time, soz boss

    Yip, PowerSlam FTW! It's my benchmark. My wrestling Scientific Journal, Ordinance Survey Map, Atlas, household cookbook, if you will. In that, if I ever think "did I like that? What the fuck was that? How do I feel about that?", I look to PowerSlam to eventually find what I am looking for, factually, and sentimentally.

    I am pretty sure someone asked a question like that in a quite recent issue, maybe it was "who has held the most singles titles out of Funk and Lawler?" - similar, was it you Kash? Need to have a look back and see.
  10. Joe Rogan 2006


    PS: Soz, but no DARCE!!!! Funny little fucker, though, I'll give him that
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