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  1. Would have loved to see Bis KO Miller, and by rights, he really fucking should of. Still, he was really laying it in near the end of that fight.

    I'd actually like to see an upset. They always give me the biggest adrenaline rush when watching this shit, but, man, if you look at their fights with Rampage, you'll see why the outcome in this fight is gonna go Jones' way.
  2. If big Nog wins... I'll be smiling from ear to ear.

    I never followed the whole of TUF because I went away to SA, and when I got back there was just too much to catch up on. Lol, I was very unfamiliar with the finalists, and therefore not as into the fights as I would have been.

    Bisping owned in the only way he knows how. Precision punches on a wounded animal.

    Miller was fucking SHIT!!!!! After that first takedown I was worried. But, yeah, I don't know why, because that was all she wrote for Millsy boy... All mouth.. No trousers!!
  3. So tonight, you thinking Bones with ease? I'm soooo tempted to say a Machida shock win, lol, I really wanna say it but I'm scared, lol. I also hope the Nogs.' win.
  4. Kashy Babyyyy!!! Long time no UFC chats!! I missed two, I think? But watched them later on sometime. When was the last one we shared the chatroom? Was it Junior v Cain? I think it was.

    UFC 139, did you see that one!? Hendo - Shogun! WOW! Silva - Le was good aswell. Quite a few good fights on that card.

    TUF Finale? The Count outshun Mayhem by a mile! I've never seen Miller fight before, was that a usual Miller fight? His striking, and stamina were awful. I hope he gets another shot in UFC though, mighta just been a big hype pressure thing. What about the TUF finals? Nice KO's. I didn't really like TJ or Dodson on the show, but I think I woulda preferd Dodson to win, man, he's fast. Diego was a menace, but I really liked Dennis as a fighter, I worry people might underate him after the final, but he had that won, the first to actually batter Diego in any form, but he couldn't finish it fully and slipped up. I also though Johnny Beford was quite good.
  5. Yeah man.

    I've got some Corona.

    Monkey Gland sounds awesome sauce! I had a chinese a few hours ago - Chicken in honey chilli sauce with fried rice. Right I'll see you there bro!
  6. Chat room time, mate.

    Budweiser is the beverage of choice this evening.

    I have had burgers and chips. What sauce did I use? I hear you ask. Well, don't laugh, but it's from South Africa, and it's called Monkey Gland sauce. It's like a fruity BBQ sauce, and it is seriously good. It's like the brown sauce of SA and it's sold/used everywhere. Love it!!
  7. Sorry man, it's finished now, was on UFC Facebook page or, I said that earlier on, lol. Was a good fight, I won't tell you who won though, if you gonna watch it later.
  8. What site???
  9. I get you bro. I'm a bit half n half, lol, suckers way out, haha. Right I'll put my neck out there, JDS will win. *Gulp*

    I watched a small vid on the main page of this site here. He done alright, didn't do much talking, just put over the starting bullet points and Chael and the other guy (sorry his name escaped me) did most of the talking, but yeah ESPN should work out well for Todd.

    MATE! Clay Guida is fightin right now, against Ben Henderson, No1 contender for Frankie Edgars belt!
  10. Lol, that's brilliant!!

    Joe Rogan will have lost his voice by the time the main event starts now.


    Now, I never really liked Cain at first, but after his demolishing performances, it's way hard to bet against him.

    In MMA I definitely go with the best, as opposed with my favourites like I do in wrestling.

    I don't actually like Cain (for some reason), but he is really a beast. Like, the way he murdered Brock was both terrible (because I'm a big Brock fan) and beautiful (because growing up living in a pub gave me a fetish for seeing someone getting their head kicked in).

    Side note: I'm proper happy that Todd was on ESPN. I never saw it, but I've always liked Todd (in small doses), so it's nice that he'll still be on my screen... How did he do? Was he clued up?
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