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  1. Great reply Kash in that thread as well, so much so, I don't have much too add without repeating your/myself.

    Soon to be ex-wife? Sorry about that Kash. Hope you're doing well. Keep that chin up though.

    So true about PS again bro. Top 50, yip. There was a thread on the PS 50 in the WWE section a few weeks back, nobody got it, it was very frustrating reading. Most people were like "Why is Orton there?!", I was going to come running to you to get you to fucking explain it, lay it all out for them! (I couldn't do it myself, I'd only Botch, and HULK up!) AND FUCK! Sooooo true about Orton. It's like you were in my head a few weeks ago! He just had a great year, can't see how anyone can't see that. I was never an Orton fan, maybe indifferent at best one point, but you know what, after the year he had, and the matches, I may be edging that way.
  2. Yeah, my post in the CM Punk thread was a result of a combination of reading PS, and gauging my soon to be ex-wife's () reaction everytime she see's "CM GreasyBalls"

    PS' finger and the pulse are rarely far apart.

    The top fifty was spot on, and all the Randy Orton haters are blinkered if they think that ANYONE in WWE had a better year than him week in week out... The man is like wrestlings answer to a cold smooth pint of Guiness (soda drinkers need not apply )

    Haven't seen UFC yet, either, but, I'm guessing that by all of the Brock retires threads, Ubereem was ream in his offence and pounded the shit out of Brockalicious The Barbarian.
  3. No probs on the reminder. My Spidey sense tingled.

    What? shit Xmas? Sorry about that mate, hope it wasn't too bad, and you be cool man.

    Congrats on the promotion though, BIG BOSSMAN, now. Haha. The hours sound icky icky ooooow though, still, gotta think about that dolla dolla bill yo!

    I think I'm away to watch UFC now though bro, sadly I have spoiled the main event. I FUCKIN SUCK! I'll still enjoy it though, with a cheeky wee alcholic ginger beer to bring in the New Year. Work tomorro, no celebrations for me.

    Oh, and I replied to your post in a CM Punk thread, class.

    Peace n Love, and I'll catch ya in '12, for 141 chat.
  4. I'll be watching in the morning.

    I have work (I'm running well late, and almost forgot to record it!! Thanks for this message!)

    Going with Brocky. He's got a lot to lose, but, Overeem is a threat, much like Mir was to Nogeuera. I bet Dana is hoping Brock wins as well, lol.... Overeem AND Brock look like they could fit into a Roman gladiator arena. Spartacus anyone?

    I've seen nothing of Cereone. So I can't really day... I'd like Diaz to win, though.

    If Nam wins I'll be a happy man. He's deffo one to watch, but he needs a win to keep that momentum going. My fingers are crossed.

    Hit me up when you watch it.

    Crimbo was really Shito, and I have no plans for the Yew Near

    I got a major promotion about three weeks ago and I've been doing 10hrs+ six nights a week ever since.

    Tanks and praise for the reminder lol.
  5. Oi Oi Kasho! Merry Crimbo to thee! xox
    And soon to be a Happy New Year! x

    How was the festivities for ya? Hope you had a good one buddy! Hope you got lot's of socks. Mine was not too bad. Been working most of it - Eve, Boxing, was off Xmas day though. Working Hogmanay aswell - Thurs right through to Tuesday. Got any special plans?

    You watching the big 'un tonight? Big Brock and 'Reem! I, sadly, will not. Work at 5am. If it was Saturday I might been able to, normally off Sundays, but alas, will watch a replay. What you thinkin about it? I'm weary, as always, but I gotta back Brock, he's like one of us, lol, from the Bizz'! 'Reem looks like some sort of Greek God though.

    Diaz and Cerrone, been heating up. I like Cerrone you know, from WEC to now, but Diaz has the skills. I dunno, I'll go with the 'Cowboy'.

    Also looking forward to seeing Nam Phan. Liked him since TUF, he's in my faves, lol. (Not Fave Five, 'coz I gots way too many). His last fight with Garcia, SHIIIIT.

    Peace n Love.
  6. GSP
    I know what you mean, I agree about Diaz. I just don't like seeing him not officially losing it, or the other guy not officially winning it. Strip it for drugs etc. It's just a phrasing thing then, just take away the interim bit, 'coz it is essentially a stripping, kinda, lol. How about "co-champions"? Lol.
  7. Kasho, just watched it, yip it was fun!

    Sick break (pardon the pun) on Big Nog, he rocked Mir just before it aswell. I know what you mean about Mir, he has this lingering arrogance about him, which is quite annoying, but yeah I'm with you he is a well rounded fighter, crazy jiujutsu.

    The Korean Zombie man! 7 sec KO - nice! He's now one fighter I really like. (I know I have a lot, lol).

    Lil' Nog made pizza with Tito's insides - ouchee!

    Machida went to sleep from Jonesys guillo, shame. To be fair Machida (who I also like, I like his style) was the first to kinda 'test' Jones really, and Jones had to change in the 2nd and won.

    And...being honest Kashy, I really liked the Ebersole and Claude Patrick fight. They had to really be focused and thinking in that fight, alot of grappling, and blocking grappling, I respect those types of fights, not fucking boo. I also thought Claude had won it, but hey ho.
  8. It was a fun show. Deffo.

    Don't go to the chat room lol.. Spoilers galore!!

    With GSP.

    What was the date of his fight with Sheilds? Man, that was a while ago now. By the time he fights again it will be over a year from when he last defended his title. Personally I think that should be addressed when deciding whether to strip someone of their title. Interim championships suck, and, to the uneducated/potential fans, it's all kinda confusing. I would of had him stripped then automatically entitled to face the newly crowned champion upon his return.

    Between now and the time GSP returns, Diaz could have defended the belt a good three times.
  9. MAN!!! SORRY MATE!!! I fucking fell asleep during the prelim show! I was out for the count! I'm absolutely gutted!! I was all set and looking forward to it, but I musta just konked out! Fuck! I was shattered though, I had been up at 5am Saturday for work, BUT I was totally wanting to be here for it, trying to keep myself awake, I FAILED! I had one Bulmers cider and that was it. I had fucking Sensations and cider and jelly beans to feast on but fucking failed! Sorry bro. Was it fun? Please don't tell me who won though blud, cheers

    Right I'm away to watch it tonight and get back to you.

    I'm kinda of the opposite view of the GSP thing. It definitely sucks, big time, he shoulda been more careful. I don't think he should be stripped, injuries happen all the time, mighta not been his fault. There will be an interim champion, then if they beat GSP when he returns they stay the champion, that's enough I think. It's kinda like being stripped. Lol.

    Cool man, speak later. Peace out!
  10. Mir!?!

    I really fucking hope he doesn't win. For some reason I don't like him. Never have. But, in all reality, Frank is a beast of a man. His JiuJitsu is sick! His striking is up there with the best in the division.. Well, when he wants it to be, anyway. Dude DESTROYED Kongo that one time.

    I have no snacks tonight apart from two measly packs of reeces pieces and three and a half cans of carling black label

    (plus plenty of "420")

    GSP = WANKER!! He should be fucking stripped of his title. Simple. A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!!!!
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