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  1. I've been not too bad myself, cheers!

    Ahh sweet man! I'm gonna try and be here for it, could be going out so may be in a disgraceful state when I get back, and may miss some of it. Whatever state I'm in it should be entertaining! lol

    You see man, my laptop is buggered at the moment aswell, and I ain't very computer savvy lets say, so it gets very frustrating! But luckily a mate of mine is, so he's gonna take a look at sometime. Yeh I know what you mean, I just wish people would have the ability to think and contemplate and understand things - threads, posts, tone etc, before jumping in there and taking it all serious. A small example would be a thread I just read about Rick Rude: Ahead of his time, or something like that, and you had to explain it all out to some people (i was close to doing it again after ya, lol). It's like jeeeeez! Just think about where other people might be coming from. Man! Sorry man, I'm fuckin going on like my granny lol. Sozzle, I'm venting haha!
  2. Hey, man! I've been really good, how aboot yoo?

    The next UFC is this weekend, and, yes, I shall be in there dropping random one liners, ha!

    And, my posting stations (phone, laptop and my PC) took a dive, and I have been very limited in the places I visit around here as a result. But to tell the truth, I too got a little non plused at some of the comments left on the big one and a half boards, so, my time on here has mainly been spent in the JBW thread. It is a lot more fun t han one would imagine, if one has never participated in an e-fed. I've been writing some seriously good stuff, and I never knew I had it in me. You should seriously give it a go, as there is also a realy friendly "community" there.

    As for Scotland, I have seen all of his arguments with posters around here, and while I personally have never had any run ins with him, he does seem to rub a lot of people the wrong way... You are not alone lol
  3. Kash D!!!!! 'Sup man? How's it goin? Not seen you around the boards much lately. Although to be fair i've not been here much. I stayed off it for a week n a bit and just lost interest reading some of the stuff from some peeps, and peoples obsession with things. Oh its not worth going on about, and its probs just my mind!

    Yeh i just ignored that. Said all i needed in thread. He's a very monomaniacal, neurotic person, and he had the cheek to call someone close-minded in a thread where he wouldnt accept any bad word against the Rock, or going against his views. But enough of that. So when you next hittin up some live chat? You were missing Sunday night, you watch OTL? Whens the next UFC event? Peace.
  4. Androoooooooo!!!!!

    lol@the message Scotland sent you. You really must have upset the poor guy.
  5. Cool bruv! This site has more bugs than Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!
  6. Seriously!? Thats completely idiotic! Thats like getting mail in the post then having to take it down the post office to open it, i think?! Anyway its stupid! I probably wouldnt have never figured tht out, id just be waitin there for years on these changes to get fuckin saved lol. Right il hit u with an add. Salutations.
  7. HaHa! I've had the same problem in the past! You have to go to my page and add me, it's completely arse backwards lol..... I figured that out all by myself. Yay for me!
  8. Haha. Well i declined your request straight away, bang, simple as!! Nah man i keep acceptin them and clickin 'save changes' and it just doesnt do anything?!?! Just says 'saving changes' with the little circular spinny loading thing, and nothin happens!?! Ive left it doin tht, then i check back n its still doin it! Stupid! I dont get it! lol
  9. Gotta tell ya mate, I'm feeling a bit rejected here lol
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