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  1. WWE: Nah, not really. But to be honest, I think Cena's doing the worst of it. Rock's in there acting serious, Cena's laughing and smiling all the time, I don't get it?!?

    Punk's still annoying me a bit. Though, I think he's started to act a bit more serious in this with Y2J, so I guess that's something. Funny how Jericho's best promo so far since his return, was his return, where he never said anything. But, the faceoff 2 weeks ago was ok, so hoping things are improving. Lol.

    I am loving Daniel as Champ! Even if it is a bit, SES lite, (replace SES with vegan), HE'S still doin' a grand job with it all! Hope he gets a long run, and a full program with Randy after 'Mania. The matches would be top!
  2. I'm not too shabby MoneyMod. Well, I'm pretty tired at the mo. but, long lie tomorrow bro, soooooo excited!!!! How are ya yersel'?

    Shit, just realised I said DIaz against Sonnen! D'oh! Yeah, I thought the same Kash. It woulda been something to see Bis go up against Silva, I know he probably would have lost, but, just 'coz he's a Brit, and maybe the most underrated fighter. Diaz shoulda won, but turned out it was meant to be with the test. Oh well. I enjoyed the two fights I seen from him.

    I've not watched the Edgar-Henderson fight yet, but It's cool, I'll watch soon. That coulda been Guida in there instead of Benson, man.
  3. WWE question: Do you actually even give a shit about the fact that Rock makes the entire roster look weak?

    I know I don't. If anything I'm just happy that he's there... Like, apart from Punk, the entertaining wordsmiths are few and far between. Even Jericho has had me phasing out and thinking of other things recently, plus, his feud with Punk just makes him seem really old lol. Or should I say it makes me feel old.. 1996 I first heard of him.. That's sixteen years.. Fuck, I'm aging fast here!

    Have to point out that the fact that both Punk and Daniel Bryan won their respective Elimination Chamber matches made me mark. Its almost as if Gabe Sapolsky were secretly pulling the strings backstage.
  4. Guess who's phone now works with the site?

    Androo's favorite moderator... Kashditalkalotofshit!!

    How's it going, you little midnight muncher? Yeah, I've missed the chat in the, uh, chat-room during UFC nights, but I've still been keeping up with it all.

    Bisping was robbed, Diaz kinda was too, but lol@him for failing a piss test after he "retired" just to nail home the fact that he probably won't be fighting until after the world ends.

    Frankie got out-everything'd. Rematch wont change a thing in my opinion, although I'm definitely looking forward to it as I think they make for an entertaining fight. Frankie could surprise me, though, as he is kinda bloody great in his own right.
  5. Happy Day of Birth Kasheeee! Hope you had a good one, and are doin well.

    Long time no speak, what's this chat about you getting your own site? You're not leaving us are ya? Hardly ever see you on the boards.

    Been watching UFC? I am away to watch UFC 144 soon, should be good. Did you watch your man Nick Diaz against Sonnen? Thoughts?

    Peace out homeboy. Need to get a UFC, snacks and beers, chat on the go soon.
  6. Shit, sorry I missed you on here too! I was falling asleep all over the place, all the time, last night. It's getting really hard to stay awake at nights when I work from like 5am, on a long day. I can't remember the last time we had a UFC chat night now, saddens me

    I watched a replay today, online, I can give you a link for that if you want? Was a good show I reckon. Brazil are bonkers for their MMA, and their stars. Alot of BraziLIANCE on show last night! Lol. You'll like some of the finishes, and a it of controversy thrown in for good measure.

    Also, you know it: Jose Aldo Jnr = Androo's boy!!
  7. Kashy baby! I'm not bad, not bad. Yourself? Hope you're doing good bro.

    I know what you mean, it's the same for me when I use my iPod. It's tricky to even post on it in the first place, you got to time it, and be so quick. Why's that not been sorted yet? And if you are just browsing the site logged out are you getting US Eastern Time here? 'Coz I am, and it's a bit annoying.

    Sorry about your electrical appliances troubles, my laptops buggering about as well, which is why I use my iPod sometimes, and that's no use!
  8. Droopy!!! How are ya, man!?! I've been a little sporadic on this site recently because my iPhone isn't too compatible with the new EWN... my posts keep getting bunched up every time I paragraph the text, so, my posts are gonna be a little "blockish"... Yeah, I'm having hard times at the mo, and, lol, I haven't even got a TV or a comp that works properly... Send me a link to UFC tonight, and I'll hopefully be able to watch it with ya.
  9. Well, all my UFC picks for you were wrong! LOL. Nam got beat in every round. That Hettes kid must be good.

    Diaz, wow, was on point! Same as the Nam fight, Diaz must be great, 'coz Cerrone is good. Diaz fought just like his brother. That was deffo a title eliminator, so maybe one more fight, and I reckon Diaz is on for Title shot, and he can win it. Both Diaz's as Champs? Question though Kash, do you think the brothers would ever fight each other in the Octagon? Something tells me they just couldn't do it.

    And Brock?! Oh no. What's next for Brock? He was hurting. And shit, i did not know Reem was British born, I just thought he was Dutch! Gives a whole new aspect to my backings from now on. Overreem v JDS? I'm not picking! No! You can't make me! Well, not yet anyway
  10. The Christian feud was great, I don't think they ever had a bad match, and at that point I was thinking "that's mostly gotta be down to Christian surely", but he had even more great matches with many different people, on PPV, and on TV. He did what had to be done, and sold like TESCO for Mark Henry, to try and get him over. Plus, I don't think he ever went around burying in any of his promos, etc, unlike....some folks. Christian came off as a bit unequal at times, but that was writing mishaps. Yip. Orton won me. Just don't win the Rumble though Randy, ay.
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