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  1. Well, guess what! I'm the SCSA of EWNCW! Flip the bird to the power.

  2. And you need to add a wrestling style please.
  3. Dude, you've put Cristiano Ronaldo as 'wrestlers similar to yours' in Darren Bull's profile. Last time I checked there weren't any matches on youtube with Cristiano in...
    The point of us asking for that is so that we can aim to use matches using those wrestlers when we do matches for your character.
  4. Sorry to be a pain like that, but that's just how we need things done now.
  5. Ahhhhhh.... If I have to
  6. You're going to need to add your bio to the roster thread please man. Fill it out exactly as laid out in the OP of the new thread. I know you said you're lazy, but everyone else has to do it, so there shouldn't be any exceptions to that. It's easier for use if you do this so we can simply c+p it into the batcave.
  7. I see someone is in happy hour, huh.
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