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  1. Fair. Just was curious. Hope things are alright.
  2. Nah we're busy working a few things out behind the scenes at the minute as we've ran into a bit of a problem, so we're just trying to work that one out first before moving on
  3. y0, don't think I've heard back on my character.
  4. Thanks man. I think I joined the forum when I was 14. Feels like so long ago.
  5. Damn, you're 18 already?! time flies
    Happy birthday man!
  6. Actually just talked to sully about it yesterday. I'm gonna edit in the next couple days.

    Shame with ewncw btw. Hopefully things get sorted there. In the mean time though, maybe you have time to have Tommy Thunders triumphant return?
  7. You need to update the HWA show thread front page
  8. Eddie and I were discussing that yesterday, and he mentioned that he found it hilarious when you posted that, so I dug it up.

    That work was so awesome.
  9. Lol, I remember that
  10. *Tommy Thunder after Victory Point, 2012*

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