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  1. Go right ahead.
  2. Got a minute to maybe talk about the Sasha gimmick tweak briefly brotha?
  3. My shit'll be in tonight def; don't worry.
  4. After giving it some thought-I'd say interview is perfect to fully make use of her new bizarre, out there, surreal side. Maybe even a sitdown, if possible.
  5. Promo or interview?
  6. Ok, I'll let Krysys know too and then he can start working on projections and ideas.
  7. Yea, just got it up. Some SICK stuff there,think you'll like it for sure. Can't wait to see them come to fruition.
  8. Great stuff.
    Can you post it in the RTE roster thread? Me or Krysys can then just add it from there to the batcave.
  9. Alright, I've got a moveset coming for Monica from RTE finally...should I send them to you or just add it myself? 0Probly easier if you handle it since shit can be a bother on iPads, lol.
  10. You see my promo for the show, Fat Boy?!?!

    I really think we could do A LOT with it going forward...
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