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  1. Quite a bit missing from Inferno from the sound of things. Please PM me with names so that I can make the rounds, or I can meet you in the batcave
  2. Hey did u wanna meet upon the cave an chat?
  3. Your PM was blank...
  4. it's ok I guess, always next time!
  5. Yeah. I can say that was my bad as I didn't realize you missed one till I went to post
  6. Bear, I told you to tell me if I'd missed any awards nominees out -_-
  7. Pm coming ur way here in a bit
  8. Just seen your message in the thread. No worries about the promo.
    If you need a chat, I'm just a PM away. Hope you're ok.
  9. Actually, yes. In fact, on second reflection, I should have asked you to do this before that other match you did. I'll PM you now.
  10. Anything else i can do to help get the show up today?
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