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  1. It's alright man haha- real life comes first.

    Oh shit haha- I would've messaged you at that time but I was out so I've only just seen your message.
  2. Ah, sorry man, not your fault mine really. I've been so busy over the summer lol!
    I'll see if I can grab a spare moment tonight to do those, could you perhaps send a VM later around 8pm-ish to remind me and then I'll do them then?
  3. Fuck I've just remembered about the questions- have you got them mate?
  4. Awesome mate.
  5. I'll send them your way when I get a spare moment sir
  6. Hey man, did you get my other PM? One about the questions?
  7. Yeah I got Matt and Van's, just not yours. No worries though, lucky you were online
  8. I never got Van's part so I'm not sure if he's done his or not... and yeah- I was checking through my sent items to re-read my promo, and then I realized you wasn't CC'd in it haha. Thank god for that.
  9. It's ok. I thought I had it, otherwise I'd have asked beforehand. Good save though
  10. Yeah I'll send it now haha! Sorry about that man, lol.
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