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  1. I'm still in college at the moment, I've just poppoed on for a few minutes since I had a chance.
    Nial has contaced me about it, but I could message you later when I'm home if you want?
  2. Everything okay TT? I seen your comment in the discussion thread. PM me if you want.
  3. Ok, cool man, looking forward to the show
    Probably a good thing since I'm not exactly in a mood to do promos after the weekend I've had
  4. Update on the promo mate.
    It's been done and Bear wrapped it up, works great man, so no worry's.
  5. BTW, just seen you are going to Scotland for the weekend? I'm guessing for the rugby? I was mean't to be doing the same thing and working up there too, ended up pulling out though.

    Anyways man, enjoy.
  6. Okay mate. There's not much we can do anyways as you are now waiting for them.. I guess the only way around it would be using the assignment and replying without seeing what they put and just using the guidelines too go off? Other then that, the Ppv was planned for Sunday night, so providing you can get it done mate.. we could wait no problem. It was the tag team promo's we needed in tonight.

    What you think bro?.
  7. I can't finish the promo tonight man since I'm waiting for GG to go after bear so that Jericho can finish the promo off as instructed.
    I'm going away tomorrow morning and won't be back until Sunday night now, so not sure if that's too late to finish it. But that's the earliest I'll be able to finish it off.
  8. Awesome man. I will let the first person know and it can be started.
  9. I'm committed to the fed, so if a promo needs to be done, I'm happy to do it.
  10. Cool man. I take it you are happy and able too do it then? I know you are busy yourself so I thought I would ask.
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