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  1. Good game, good game
  2. Cleared mate.

    Send away!
  3. Your inbox is lacking space.
  4. Thanks man! Yeah, hopefully that'll encourage more people to blog about other topics, sport probably being the main one. Not to toot my own horn, but it's certainly proved popular (at least I think) so hopefully more will follow suit
    Think I'll definitely do another when a certain topic comes up!

    And yes, finally! Was worried it was going to be one of those games after the first half, but glad we got the 3 points!
    Got a bad feeling about Chelsea next though :/ At least we should have RVP back for it!
  5. Nice job with the blog dude.

    I might follow your lead and do one, one day. Well done.

    Also, great win for United today!
  6. Oh I'm always comfortable man. Just thought a PM would be easier, no problem though.

    Yeah more time needed, I know. Should have thought a little more, I know the position you are in and I would have felt the same as you. Yeah just do your best and if not.. I know why, so no worries.
  7. I didn't think ti was THAT sensitive a matter that it required a PM. I'll keep that in mind next time though if you're not comfortable talking about it here.

    I'll do my best as always. We'll just have to see if it gets done in time.
    But please, more time next time. I wasn't aware that there was a reason for the short notice, I must have missed the announcement.
  8. You could have PM'd me. However, no problem.

    If you can't do it.. then don't Tommy. I understand you are a busy guy, I too would feel the same but it was never my intention to only give you and the others that little time frame. I had to change things around, I did state that and try and give warning in the thread mate. Plus I said get it too me Saturday Night.. so you have time bro, I'm also not expecting a classic, I appreciate more time should have been given.
  9. I have to say man, and I'm not complaining here, but 2 days to do a promo? I'd appreciate a bit more time than that next time please. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way too.
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