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  1. Great! Good to know man. Thanks for letting me know
  2. Hey man, if assignments are going out this weekend then I should be ok to do something. I'm back from holiday on Wednesday so shouldn't be any trouble doing something
  3. Appreciate that Tommy, cheers man. I'm speaking with Shaz and I've messaged Grind so hopefully, well.. We will work something out either way. Again, appreciate you letting us know though, cheers mate.
  4. Ah damn, of course! Sorry man. PM me if you want to try and work some sort of idea out. I could have time to do something if absolutely necessary (not next week, but the week after when I'm down at hers I could be able to. My girl's looking for a job to keep her busy until September (so she needs something just for August) so she's had one interview today and has another tomorrow. If she gets something, then I'll be staying at hers while she world during the day. I would be able to do something during that time for sure. I'll be able to give a more concrete answer next week once she knows if she's got a job or not. If she doesn't get something then of course we'll be busy but if she does, then I'll have some hours during the day to kill and I could do something during that time.
  5. Oh, that could make things tricky considering what will be stated in Torture's reply promo.

    Ermm.. I'll try and work around it man. Might need to alter some things but it will need to be done. Hope you have a good time and thanks for the heads up bro.
  6. Hey man, another heads up, my girlfriend's coming to visit me tomorrow evening and staying over for a week, and then I'm going home with her to stay at her parents place for the week after that. So during that time I probably won't have time to do any assignments as I'm likely going to be too busy to spend much time online. I'll probably pop in every now and then to check in but I definitely won't have time to do any assignments. Sorry if that causes any problems, but thought I'd let you know rather than chance it and then me ending up not doing any assignment that's given out.
  7. No problem man! Again, really do appreciate you letting us know Tommy.

    All the best and enjoy your trip too! Enjoy your Brothers day.
  8. Yeah I saw that the .com show wasn't up yet so hopefully by the time that show's up and you guys have planned the next show I'll be back anyway (I'll be back by Sunday evening no worries). But yeah should be ok for the next couple of weeks then
  9. No problem Tommy- We will work around it if we need too mate That said, is yet to be posted and then we would plan the next disORDER anyways bro- So, should be fine. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. I've just got back from one trip (was delayed a day or two coming back) only to hear that I now have to go away again tomorrow as I have to travel to my parents place in order to go to my brother's graduation on Friday. With that in mind, I probably won't get time to do anything until the weekend sorry man.
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