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  1. Yeah it's true man, BioWare are pretty awesome when it comes to RPG games.

    I didn't either to be honest, then I got told about the new Dragon Age and there was a good deal on at the time with Xbox and bought it and I've really enjoyed it man. Good game.
  2. Always been tempted but haven't played any of the Dragon Age games yet :/ I've heard nothing but good things though, and I'll have to give them a go sometime. Can't go wrong with BioWare!
  3. Tommy, I know you are big Mass Effect fan.. like me.

    Question is, have you played Dragon Age? Such a good game man. Very much like Mass Effect but instead of "Space and Aliens" it's "Castles and Dragons". It's from Bioware though and would recommend if you have not played it.
  4. Ah ok, fair enough. No worries, looking forward to the show
  5. No worries, Tommy.

    To be honest, he might have done. Sadly I can't get hold of Zero or Shaz to check and at last look, Chunky's promo was the only one missing for this show. Cheers anyways, bro.
  6. I don't sorry. I sent mine on to chunkky and Shaz but didn't get anything back. chunkky's been online so it's weird that he hasn't submitted it.
  7. Tommy, are you online? Don't suppose you have the N' promo, do you?
  8. It's alright man. I mean obviously a shame but you have never let me down before so I know you must be busy for real and I totally understand that. Not to worry Tommy. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Yes, you can man. Sorry about that but I've just not had adequate time to sit down and do it unfortunately :/
  10. Understandable man. Thanks for letting me know and messaging me.

    Shall I chalk this off as a missed promo then Tommy? If you are busy then not much can be done and I understand completely.
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