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  1. Cheers Tommy.

    Shaz also spoke with him- He said much of the same
  2. Just had a chat with Frank, he said he'd re-link this place as it was before, so guess that indicates that it this place stays.
  3. Alright Tommy, well, Shaz will make the final call with whatever happens, he set the deadline and it was for tonight, he wants to post the show tomorrow, but, I'll speak with him and let him know.

    Ah no worries about the other thing, don't matter anyways.
  4. Also, this:

    "I can tell you now, you would have been fed to JM, and another, not mentioned, tag team. You'd have gotten the title eventually though, but Tommy had little to no plans of an actual green light on a push. He would have passed off the booking to TJB, who is a fan of all three mentioned, but might would have 'stirred the pot' just a tad."

    Is rubbish. I never knew of any plans of the stable you, Zero and Eddie had planned. Sounds like an idea that would have been pretty awesome to see though.
  5. Yeah everything's fine, but to be honest, likely won't get it done today. I've had exams last week and I have a gig with my band tonight. I should be able to do it tomorrow though.
  6. Tommy, everything alright with the Promo?
  7. Yeah it's true man, BioWare are pretty awesome when it comes to RPG games.

    I didn't either to be honest, then I got told about the new Dragon Age and there was a good deal on at the time with Xbox and bought it and I've really enjoyed it man. Good game.
  8. Always been tempted but haven't played any of the Dragon Age games yet :/ I've heard nothing but good things though, and I'll have to give them a go sometime. Can't go wrong with BioWare!
  9. Tommy, I know you are big Mass Effect fan.. like me.

    Question is, have you played Dragon Age? Such a good game man. Very much like Mass Effect but instead of "Space and Aliens" it's "Castles and Dragons". It's from Bioware though and would recommend if you have not played it.
  10. Ah ok, fair enough. No worries, looking forward to the show
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