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  1. Happy birthday man, have a good one!
  2. A phew!
    I just saw your message in the HWA thread that you were just writing for Hot from here on in, so I panicked bit!
    Thanks man!
  3. Yeah man

    I'm using Hot in HWA and EWA, and Jones in EWNCW I wouldn't just leave you like that!
  4. Just to confirm, you're still writing for Sweet Jones until you finish your EWNCW storyline, yes?
  5. Sounds good, I'll keep my eyes open!
  6. Great, thanks man!

    Promo requests for the next shows will be going out in the next day or 2, so look out for that!
  7. Finisher: Sweet Knockout/SKO (RKO), 630 Splash

    Signatures: Springboard Senton Bomb, Vertebreaker
  8. Hey man, can you get me Sweet Jones' finisher/finishers, and also about 4 or 5 signature moves (more if you want)?

    Just updating some stuff in the batcave, and need to get everything up to date!
  9. I will when I can man!
  10. Can you try and be more active in the EWNCW thread please? We've shown faith in you by making you a champ, please try and give something back.
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