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  1. Yeah no worries, got to the bottom of it last night so it's all sorted now man!
  2. K2Jelly?

    Yes. I sent it to him and TBOZ, on the 21st.
  3. Hey man, have you done your part of the latest Rage promo and sent it on to K2?
  4. Can you come to the cave for a second?
  5. Hey, if you have time, could you read the show so far(I posted it in the Warzone discussion)?
  6. I was thinking Blacklist Royalty vs Good Ol' Boys. Mike Hawk vs Primus Khan. And I wanted to know what he had planned, but now that is he gone, I'll have a look at the roster.
  7. Cheers for the promo man.
    What do you have planned for Warzone this week? CG's away, so it's just you doing it this week.
  8. There now.
  9. Can you drop me a message on my profile to let me know when you're on next? Need to talk something over in the cave.
  10. Alright, will do.
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