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  1. Hey man, how's things coming on your end for the show?
  2. Card for the next show is up, pick your segments and let me know
    Also, if you need more in depth explaination as to any promo assignments you may have to send out, then let me know!
  3. If you need help getting your Inferno parts done quicker, then remember that TDA is available to help. Let me know and I'll make the call
  4. Thanks for the match man, no worries about the delay, I understand!
  5. Batcave please.
  6. Please go to the batcave and read the chat archives. We need your thoughts on the subject discussed.
  7. Batcave please. It's a matter of urgency.
  8. No worries man, can you meet me there now?
  9. Sorry. I was checking on my phone
  10. You were in the cave, then you left XD
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