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  1. Been a while since that happened lol!Send away senor.
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  2. It's ok, we all have those. Just thought I'd check up in case you'd forgotten. At least the show isn't until monday so there's a bit of time at least!
  3. Sorry man, I've spoken to THBK about it and I'll be getting to working on it shortly.

    My bad. You know me, I'm never normally this tardy. Been a rough couple weeks.
  4. Also just realized that the deadline is tomorrow...
  5. Hey man, what's the update on the WWE fed promo? Easter weekend's coming up, so a busy time as you can imagine, so kind of need it soon so I can pass it on to the rest of the guys that need to go.
  6. No no, thank YOU! Ha!
  7. Hahahaha thanks bud.
  8. "Captain Cuntchops"

    You win there sir! Made me legit laugh out loud in my room!
  9. Awesome, cheers dude!
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