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  1. Great news man! Be sure to include King and Vand in the planning process, plus I'll be around to listen in on any discussions and such as usual. And be sure to keep the troops in the loop as to what's going on!
  2. Planning of the show begins tomorrow
  3. Cool, thanks!
    Yeah there's no rush to get those up, just so we know what we're working towards really. But we can take a breather for a few days now and teak it easy until we gear things up for the next set of shows.

    When are you planning on putting out the first Inferno show? I've said that I'm planning on putting out the first post-DoR Rage on the 30th of october, so you have a choice of wither aiming for the 26th of September of the following Thursday; the 3rd of October. Up to you as you're in charge of that show now, so you can make the call on that in the thread whenever you make that decision
  4. Replied as well and will do soon.
  5. Replied!
    Also, can you re-post the Inferno DC matches in the thread in the cave? If you don't remember, then no matter, since some things might need changing anyways, but if you can post whatever you remember, that would be awesome.
  6. Feedback given.
  7. I don't know how the hell that's happened man, sorry about that.
    Account approved.
  8. Need you to approve my new account since I had to re-register to enter the cave.
  9. Sure thing man.
  10. Yes but I'll keep trying just hold on for a few.
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