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  1. Can you come to the batcave a second please dude?
  2. Thank you, appreciated!
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Got it, thanks
  5. I've done a final part to the promo in case the show is posted while I'm at college or Grind doesn't get back to me.
  6. I'll meet you in the batcave now man!
  7. Ah, I forgot to mention too, if you take a look at the roster update thread in the roster section of the batcave, if there's anything that needs changing on the Inferno side (people that need adding/removing or alignments that need changing and so on) then just PM me with the changes so that I can make those changes. I'll do the same with the Rage side when I get the chance.
  8. I'm off skype now, and will be online for a couple of hours if you want to chat man
  9. The awards thread in the cave needs some attention again!
  10. Great news man! Be sure to include King and Vand in the planning process, plus I'll be around to listen in on any discussions and such as usual. And be sure to keep the troops in the loop as to what's going on!
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