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  1. Happy birthday! Have a good one!
  2. Makes sense, everyone has their ways.
    Great job, thanks man!
  3. As a programmer code feels more natural to me. All parts sent.
  4. Ah fair enough, I forgot that you use the actual codes as opposed to just using the tool at the editing options at the top!
  5. Character limit. Had to remove the color to send. Will try to avoid for the rest.
  6. Got that segment, looks good!
    No color though?..
  7. Ready to finish the show?
  8. When you can we can meet in the cave to plan the show.
  9. Yo, could you label who's writing what for DC on the Inferno side please? I understand that all matches minus one are done, yet I don't see anyone's names under any matches lol!
  10. Oh, now that I remember, if there were any matches for DC announced on Inferno, then let me know which and I can edit them into the card on the front page of the thread
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