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  1. Yea we can do that, but we'll have to format it later.
  2. Hmm, I seriously don't remember seeing that. My bad!
    You want to do it via facebook chat? I'm curious to see if promos can be written quicker that way.
  3. I did reply, I said you should start it and it showed my message as read lol.
  4. Well I messaged you on facebook earlier asking if you were ready to start on it, but I didn't get a reply lol!
  5. Hey Tommy! I was wondering if you had a chance to get started on our promo.
  6. On you G
  7. Hey Tommy! I'm having internet issues at home and they probably won't be resolved today so I need you to send me the start of our promo ASAP so we can try to finish it while I'm at work. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Will do .
  9. i'll be starting it now, so stay tuned G
  10. Hey Tommy! Did you get started on our promo yet by any chance?
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