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  1. Is Tuesday ok? I have Rage to get ready by tomorrow night (plus there's Vengeance tonight), but I'll make it a priority to do them on Tuesday, before I start working on Destiny's Calling.
  2. when can I get those questions Tommy
  3. well I could probably go without it but it could be good to just have some type of short segment with you and Tyler
  4. You want a promo for the ppv too?
  5. tomorrow bro, you could cook something up for that as well
  6. Is the Scramble tomorrow, or next weekend?
  7. oh lol well consider this my request lol, I'll PM you the assignment
  8. You haven't asked me for a promo yet dude!
  9. can I expect that promo soon
  10. yes it's definitely uncertain for anyone and considering I'm very happy where I'm at in JBW right now who knows when/if I will be able to be over on EWNCW but at some point I definitely hope to be
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