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  1. thank you Tommy for giving those questions now I'm really tired so goodnight man
  2. alright that will do then but I could put into word if you want just so you can get back to DS and Rage
  3. I'm emptying my inbox.
    It doesn't have to cloud up your inbox. If you copy and paste everything I send into MS Word or something, you can then delete the message straight away. You only need to send back the responses to me.
  4. well I guess we could do the one by one and respond, but that is really gonna cloud up my inbox so maybe like a couple at a time?
  5. Right, how do you want to do this?
    Do you want me to send you all the questions in one go, or, a better, more professional way, of doing it would be I send a question, you answer, then I send another and so on. Doing it like this will obviously take more time, but it'll make the interview seem much more 'real' so to speak.
  6. questions?
  7. I'll be getting it done tomorrow man! Don't worry!!
  8. * wipes tear off* ya..... it's fine
  9. I'm sorry broc, but some plans have come up tonight. I was meaning to do our questions and send them to you tonight, but something else has come up. I'll be doing them tomorrow for you.
  10. alright thanks great to hear
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