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  1. I use the account at least once every few months to reupdate the front page, and as you can see, Sully told me to do that just a couple hours ago.
  2. HAHAHAHAA!! I didn't expect you to get this for a LONG time lol!
  3. Lol, had to edit the roster and saw this.

    Thanks, I know I am.
  4. Happy birthday man!
    Always the better Broc!!
  5. Tommy dude, you gonna be able to get that promo in at some point today?
  6. Thomas your wish has been granted about the inbox space
  7. resending!
  8. No problem at all, it was a pleasure.
    If you did send them then I've deleted them y mistake. I emptied my inbox for that interview!
  9. let me start by saying thanks again for the interview and also, have I sent you your promo assignments? I believe I did but it was pretty early in the week
  10. A great interview I think, pleasure doing it.
    Hope it was good enough! See ya man!
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