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  1. Please get your Inferno promo in ASAP. King is waiting for it.
  2. I hope so too, but the thing is, he's going through a lot of personal problems right now or so I'm told. He's barely online at all. It's a great shame, since it is indeed a big moment for his character.
    Istvan Gretzky is a fantastic character, I think with you doing him on Kash's behalf is doing the character justice. I like to think that's what Kash would want.
  3. yeah yeah np. here's hoping Kash gets back soon though. it feels like a big moment for his character.
  4. Fantastic job man! Big thanks for doing it!
  5. pm sent for promo. feedback is appreciated if it's not quite getting what you wanted or anything else.
  6. sorry dude I'm goin off now. If I missed you sorry. hope you get enough interviews before the ppv.
  7. well I'm here now if you need one
  8. Fancy doing an interview for the ppv? It'll only be like 4 questions.
  9. Ok I gotcha.
    Thanks man!
  10. I sent you a pm with mine and most of Krsys promo. you still need one bit and so he can clean his up. if his is too long to send to you you will need to piece it together from both our pms. sorry for trouble
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