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  1. shit! thought i did our promo...i'll do it after college man
  2. Sorry about that man, thanks for reminding me. Sent now, and I've also added in an extra bit I thought of to spice it up a bit
  3. Friendly reminder for that part :3
  4. I'd say they never really recovered from the crippling blow of the crossover thing 2 years back. They struggled to ever get the ball moving regularly again after that whereas we did.
    But yeah, I'd say at last there's now the right amount of feds on EWN to satisfy the demand for it. Hopefully both feds will kick on from this and carry on being awesome
  5. Fair enough, I'd say about a year to me but bottom line all is well again lol
  6. About damn time indeed. Though, to me, it's been dead for 2 years lol!
  7. About god damn time, right Tommy? lol
  8. Could well have been, but I don't remember it man!
  9. Damn. Could've been IWA but I was 95% positive it was EWNCW ;_;
  10. Nope, still don't know sorry! xD
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