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  1. An old man's birthday eh? Very sensible I'm just messing
    Absolutely! Back where it belongs! I just hope that we can beat them on Monday to put the icing on the cake now!
  2. Cheers bruv! Just a quiet one with a few bevvies this year. Looks like the title is nearly wrapped up and back on the right side of Manchester!
  3. Happy birthday man! Hope you're having a good one!
  4. No problem man!

    YES! It's pretty much done and dusted now, can't see us throwing it away from this position, especially with the problems City are having. 20 titles sure will be a nice bragging right!

    I'm a machine, so no "You only get one shot at life. Why waste it on sleep?" - Gustav Graves in Die Another Day.
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes bruv!

    United are nearly over the line!!!!

    Sidenote: don't you ever sleep dude?!!! Lol
  6. Happy birthday my fellow red devil!
    Hope you've had a good one!
  7. Long time no speak buddy! I'm doing fine, and yourself?

    I had a word with Kash about it earlier, when he started posting some shit. I wasn't sure if he was working people as part of some storyline (something that he tends to do), so I asked Kash, and apparently it isn't, and he just passed it off as Kev being kev.

    But it's escalated way out of control since then, and I've just referred it to Kash again now, so hopefully he'll read the whole situation later and take action if necessary.
  8. Hey TT!!! How's you mate?!!! All good I hope?!

    have you referred the dickhead to a mod?
  9. Tommy! I think I can get the names from our last show (which you invaded). That gonna be ok?
  10. A list would be great when you have time mate. Cheers
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