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  1. And.... 2 hours later I am there... Sorry was just getting home from work
  2. You available for the cave man? Won't need you for ages, jut want to know something!
  3. Done bro. I still need to do one for Warzone though
  4. hey man, can you post ALL your new logos in the same thread I posted the Inferno one in the AB section of tha batcave? Thanks.
  5. Batcave when you can?
  6. Be my guest man.
  7. Hey, was wondering once I finish the last image can I post them all in the discussion thread?
  8. Sorry abut going MIA after I asked that question, computer went bit wonky. To answer your question, the character is for a stable. I need two members
  9. Cheers man! Fighting my way through it!
  10. Happy Birthday bro, feel better
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